06 December 2008

Opposition to ISP filtering now from Telstra

When the 600lb gorilla objects, even the Clean Feed Feds must pay attention, right?

TELSTRA chief operating officer Greg Winn says the federal Government's attempt to censor the internet is akin to trying to "boil the ocean".

"My view on that is that's like trying to boil the ocean ... to think that you're going to be able to centrally filter everything, I think that's a pipe dream," Mr Winn told reporters and analysts yesterday.


Online advocacy group “GetUp!”, which with 230,000 members has more members than every political party combined, has started a “Save the Net!” campaign and has received incredible support from the community.

Urging a government re-think on net censorship, GetUp! is asking the “Federal Government needs to re-think its plans to censor the internet and consider the impact it will have on thousands of Australian households and businesses.”

GetUp! says it has received the support of “more than 75,000 thousand Australians who fear it will slow internet speeds to a crawl and fail to stop unwanted content”, and all this in “less than one week after Federal Government said it would press ahead with its internet censorship plans for December 24”.

Think of that - more members than all the political parties combined! There may be hope yet...

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