10 March 2009

Queensland back to being stupid

I have just left Queensland, where the weather and landscape are wonderful but spoiled in virtue of being inhabited by, you know, Queenslanders*. So I expect this kind of stupidity:

Here's a guy who has no criminal history, has done no harm to, nor promoted harm to, children or anyone else so far as we can tell. He faces twenty years in jail: for embedding on his site a video, with caveats and warnings, of a Russian man swinging a child around. This video is widely available on the internet. But some stupid fuck in government has decided that he needs to be brought to charge for child abuse.

In fact the video is not abusive - clearly the man swinging the child is the father, who loves his kid, but is a bit rougher than we now think is healthy (but when I was a kid, that would have been perfectly acceptable behaviour). So of course, put this poor bastard, whose health has suffered, in prison.

And don't surf the internet, or comment on anything that might possibly be interpreted as doing anything a witch-hunter might find offensive. Or you, too, will end up in prison.

* I'm equal opportunity. NSW is ruined by New South Welshpersons, Victoria by Victorians, Tasmania... well you get the idea. Canberra is ruined by all of them.

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Eamon Knight said...

Not quite as stupid as that poor teacher in the US a few years back, who got prosecuted when her (inadequately-firewalled) classroom computer got taken over by a porn site. But it's down there in the same stratum of the Moronozoic.

Seems all you have to do is shout "Think of the children!" and certain PTB immediately get all hot to arrest the nearest random sacrificial victim. Toss in Teh Internet and the last vestige of prudent restraint goes out the window.