27 June 2009

Internet censorship shock! Well, not really

So the wider public have realised what the internet filter is really going to be used for - to filter out entertainment some censorship committee thinks you, as adults, shouldn't be exposed to. Games, of course, but who thinks it will stop there?

Look, the principles here are obvious: stop censorship altogether, and if people do things that are criminal, prosecute them. No committee appointed by the PM and his advisors has the right to tell me not to do something that is legal. No such committee can substitute for parental oversight or teaching. All that a government instrumentality has the right to do is prosecute those who break the law. By all means rank or classify material as a guide. But stopping me or any other adult from playing games or reading what we like? There is no basis for that.

This paternalism of Labor and Liberal alike has to stop. Australia is one of the most censored of all western democracies, with no rights assigned to individuals to speak or see what they wish. We are firmly stuck in the Edwardian morality of the federation days. It's about time we grew up into an adult nation.

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