25 August 2009

Corby and the media

lawrence-corby.jpg Are we supposed to feel sorry for Corby now? Is the media's continuing obsession over her "plight" (but not the less camera-friendly Bali Nine) another beatup by a family that has been pretty good at manipulating it? Let's face it, if Corby looked like the woman who is looking after her, Renae Lawrence [see pic], she'd be ignored just as much as they are. But Lawrence is taking it like an adult.

I wouldn't wish the conditions of the prisoners in an Indonesia jail on anyone, but let's face it. She's a drug trafficker, and probably part of an extensive criminal network. She shouldn't have her rights taken away, but she did surrender a few of them when she decided to try to smuggle drugs. I don't think that drugs should be criminalised (it's a sop to the law enforcement industry of America) as this merely encourages criminal activity, but given that it is criminal activity, how pretty someone looks shouldn't modify our concern over the rights of criminals.

As it is, Indonesia has reduced the life sentences and death sentences to reasonable lengths. We shouldn't allow style to impose a subtle racism against the Indonesians.

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