17 September 2009

Shock jocks on radio and decency

"At long last, sir, have you no decency?" That was the question that finally brought down that weasel Joseph McCarthy in his vile campaign to make anyone who was not right wing and equally vile isolated and marginalised in the US. His success can be seen in the present American vile right wing.

So Kyle the Vile Sandilands has been suspended for four weeks. Whooptifuckingdoo. Why hasn't he been banned from being on the media? For that matter, why wasn't John Laws, and why isn't Alan Jones and why aren't all the little Lawsies and Jonesies throughout the land?

Where's ACMA? Is it too busy telling adults what they can and can't play on their computers even if it's lawful? Why haven't they censored Jones, who initiated the race riots on air? Why? Well let's not forget that these guys get politicians into power and out, and the politicians know this. It's all about lobbying for influence. It's all about money.

ACMA ought to immediately revoke the license of any broadcaster or on air personality or producer that breaches the rules of democratic decency. When laws are broken, they should be charged and if at all possible jailed. But we'll never see that in this brave new lobbocracy. They have no decency. Just money.


MattR said...

I think the girl's mother deserves a hefty serve of the blame herself, given that she had at least some prior knowledge.

Even if one gives Sandilands the benefit of the doubt over the "other sexual experiences" comment, suggesting that anyone, but particularly someone of Polish descent, should go to a concentration camp is beyond despicable. It's also unfortunate that the memory of the holocaust is fading enough that people like Sandilands have no qualms about making such comments.

Once is a mistake. Twice is reprehensible.

John S. Wilkins said...

I agree on both counts, but no authority can control bad parenting. However, bad media is the bane of this country and very other. I am astonished that it is never sanctioned.